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Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing people purchase, next to houses and cars. And living room sets can make up a large chunk of that. But with a little savvy and some thrifty planning, you can find affordable living room furniture that looks great, feels comfortable, and will give you years of relaxation.

To start with, what your furniture is made of can have a huge impact on what it costs. Solid woods like oak and teak are known for their beauty and style, but finding affordable sofas in these kinds of woods can be a challenge. Other woods can last just as long as hardwoods with proper care, and varnishes and stains can give nearly any wood a deep luster that compliments any decor.

Finding living room sets for sale online can be tempting, but no matter how affordable sofas and chairs may be, if it’s not comfortable, it’s not a good deal. Trying out furniture before you buy it is vital. Check around your local showrooms for styles that fit your decorating scheme and your comfort level. Then shop around a bit. You might be surprised at the online deals you can find on brand names.

Visualizing a piece of furniture is also an important step. The joy of finding a great bargain will wear off quickly if you find your new sofa won’t fit with your coffee and end table sets. Some sites do specialize in affordable sofas and loveseats for small spaces, but be sure to either get the exact specs for the piece or to measure it yourself in a store, to make sure it works in your living room.

Depending on how many kids and pets you have, your living room furniture can last anywhere from five to ten years, with proper care. By shopping around for high-quality furniture at discount prices, it could last even longer. Remember, the cheaper quality the furniture, the sooner you’ll have to replace it. But getting good furniture for “cheap” is a much more satisfying option. Good references here:

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