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How to Replace an Electrical Service Panel

In this video you will learn how to replace an electrical service panel, riser and meter. You will learn how you can change an old electric panel that was installed years ago. This video is a guide to all the electrician services.
First of all you need to check the electric panel carefully, check all the wires, breakers, connections.

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In case you find any signs of overheating or anything arching, it’s time to change your electric panel.
In order to replace the electric panel, first thing you need to do is to take down the existing riser. Next step is to take the meter apart by taking all the screws out. It will save your time as you don’t have to take each and everything out separately, this way you can do it in one go.
Now take all the wires out of the breaker. You will have the entire panel pulled out in one piece. Replace it with a 200 amp panel, which is quite bigger than the previous one. In order to know how to replace it accurately, you must watch the complete video. You will get your answers to do the best electrician service. So, watch this video and understand everything.

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