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Bathroom Renovation 101 Picking Out Bathroom Flooring

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Taking on home renovation projects are exciting, but involve a lot of time, effort and planning. Renovating your bathroom can be particularly tricky, as there are a lot of technical aspects that have to be considered. For instance, picking out toilets or tubs may not be the most glamorous things to do, but you want to make sure that your new bathroom is a functioning one.

While bathroom renovating may seem tedious, there are still elements that allow a little more creative freedom on your end. The best example of this would be picking out bathroom flooring.

Choosing Your Bathroom Flooring:

  • There are plenty of choices to pick from when getting new bathroom flooring. There is ceramic tile flooring, slate tile flooring, linoleum flooring; you name it. The trick comes in figuring out not only what “look” you like, but what is the most practical for your bathroom. To start, do basic research online for the pros and cons of different bathroom flooring materials.
  • After deciding on what kind of bathroom flooring you want, then comes the fun part: choosing a color. Most individuals tend to go with a neutral color that can coordinate with the wall paint, but don’t feel as if you need to be “boring.” Pick whatever color you feel will make your bathroom look the best, whether that is a pale grey or a brighter hue.

When it comes to installing bathroom flooring, there are plenty of resources out there for you. In fact, there are approximately 21,980 flooring installation companies across the United States, with roughly 93,790 people employe in this particular industry. There are so many experts out there that are willing to help you.

Don’t settle for the first company you find. Do some research both online and in person to compare not only price rates, but the general “feel” you get from the employees. Are they courteous and professional? Do they seem friendly? You want to hire a company in which their employees are passionate about their work — that’s how you will get the best bang for your buck.

The flooring industry brings in about $14 billion in revenue every year. Clearly, this is a very popular option that many choose rather than undertaking a DIY installation.

While you may think that you can save money installing your bathroom flooring yourself, you’re probably going to regret that decision. Unless you have professional experience, undertaking a bathroom renovation project on your own can be incredibly stressful and there’s a good chance you won’t be happy with the end result of your work.

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