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3 Ways to Make your Pool Safer

Swimming pool safety net

If you have a pool and a small child one statistic that you need to know is that one in five drowning victims are 14 and under. when accidents like this happen to young children it is particularly devastating. There are steps you can take to help prevent these types of incidents because when it comes to kids (especially toddlers) they are constantly into things or places they don’t belong, and it only takes a second. Here are 3 effective safety measures a good pool fencing company can install around your pool area to impede children from entering alone.

  1. Pool gates: An effective pool gate helps keep young children out of the pool area without an adult present. An isolation fence; which has four sides and separates the pool area from the house, lowers the risk of drowning in young children by 83% in comparison to property line fences. An optimal child safety pool fence is four feet high at the minimum and the latch set out of reach of small children, fitted with a self-closing and latching pool gate.

  2. Pool nets: A pool net spans across the length of your swimming pool covering the top and uses tension systems, so if a child fell they would end up on top of the net instead of in the pool. Generally, it takes around 15 minutes to install or remove and works for almost any pool, or you can look into custom swimming pool net option. Some people opt to implement the fencing and the safety net for added security but it would be a great alternative to a fence if you don’t want the view from your pool obstructed.

  3. Pool safety covers: A pool safety cover is similar to a net in that it covers your entire pool and uses tension to catch children if they fall in but it other uses also. It usually comes in mesh or solid which also protects your pool from debris, snow, and rain if you opt for the solid. A pool fencing company can come in handy to install the anchors for you if you need help, after that taking them on and off is relatively simple.

I think that most people would agree that making sure their child is safe is a top priority for parents everywhere, having a child safe pool is a big step towards keeping safe those you love. So if you have an open pool area and a small child contacting a pool fencing company today could get rid of a lot of worry about your child’s safety. After that, the only water you’ll have to worry about keeping your toddler out of is the toilet or the dog bowl.

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