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Three Things You Might Not Realize about Home Improvement Tax Deductions

Home improvement deduction

Did you know that you can often list home improvement deductions for your taxes? Here are some things you might not have realized about home improvement taxes that might serve as a bit of motivating incentive to tackle your next home improvement project.

First, there are several home products that can qualify for a home improvement tax deduction. These are usually appliances, which are energy star rated. Not only will it get you a tax deduction, but using energy efficient appliances will save you money every year on your energy bill. Common appliances and products for this tax deduction are air conditioners, windows, light bulbs and refrigerators. Update your home and save money while you do it.

Second, many home improvement jobs including installation of air conditioning, putting on new roofs, plumbing or wiring will add value and time to the life of your house. Though you cannot use these as deductions, you can add the material and labor prices to your home basis, which will reduce how many taxes you owe if you decide to sell the house later.

Third, there are home improvement taxes, however, that you can deduct, and this relates back to the first point. When you improve your home in order to make it more energy efficient, those particular materials can be written off in your tax returns. In 2013, homeowners might be eligible for a nonbusiness energy property credit.

Energy efficient products in this category include the installation of insulation, exterior skylights and windows, furnaces, hot water boilers, exterior doors and more. The credit is worth ten percent of the purchase price of these qualified products. However, the home improvement taxes credit is limited to a certain amount for all the years after 2005. The maximum to be gained for window tax credits, for example, is 200 dollars.

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