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3 Reasons To Purchase A Generator For your Home

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I remember the morning of October 31st, 2012 like it was yesterday. That was the morning I woke up and no longer felt like I was in America. Hurricaine Sandy had just bludgeoned the East Coast and had left my neighborhood flooded, with several down trees and absolutely no power.

We would be without power for over three weeks. During that time, you could see the panic in people’s eyes as the congregated at the few coffee shops who had had the foresite to invest in an HVAC installation before a disaster. As I sat in cafe after cafe sipping my coffee, leery to go back to my freezing home, I began to wish that I’d invested in a home generator. For better or worse, we are a nation utterly dependent on electricity, so when the power goes out, the population splits into two kinds of people: those who know the value of home HVAC installation and home HVAC repairs, and those who don’t think generators are that important. After Hurricaine Sandy, I came to the conclusion that home generator installation and home generator repair is a vital service. In addition to the obvious boon of keeping the lights on, my generator purchase and home generator repair service has since helped me in the following areas every power outage since:

1. Generators Keep The Air Running
According to a survey conducted in 2009, roughly 87%, or 100 million U.S. homes are now equipped with air conditioning. In many of these homes, the AC is a creature comfort. In others however, such as in some areas where it hits over 100 degrees or homes of the ill or elderly, air conditioning is vital to household safety. If you belong to the second category of homeowners with air conditioning, don’t neglect a needed home generator repair. (And if you don’t have a generator, consider home generator installation sooner rather than later!). If you put it off any longer, you could be putting yourself and your family in jeopardy come the next summer storm. Or winter storm, for that matter, since a home generator also…

2. Keeps The Heat On
Most modern homes have some sort of central heating system, and more and more homes nowadays are equipped with electric options rather than natural gas for space heating. This means that if the power goes out during the winter, you and your family are in deep trouble without a home generator. Finally…

3. Generators Allow You To Cook For Yourself During A Disaster
Without a doubt one of the worst parts of Hurricaine Sandy for me was having to go out for nearly every meal while my power was out. I’m a huge fan of cooking at home, and so being subjected to an overpriced, lackluster tuna melt or egg sandwich every hour of the day really started to wear on me. If I had had a home generator back in 2012, I could have hunkered down for a little longer every day and made my own darn eggs!

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