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3 Plumbing Myths Debunked For The New Homeowner

Plumbing questions

If you’re a beginner homeowner who has availed themselves of the magical maintenance services usually provided in rental contracts, then you’re probably under the spell of a number of plumbing myths. We have outlined a few below in an effort to answer some plumbing questions you might have, but generally all plumbing questions should be referred to a qualified plumbing services provider:
Myth #1: “I don’t need any plumbing questions answered because I will never have plumbing problems.”
It’s easy to wave away plumbing concerns in the throes of new home purchasing. After all, you barely see the pipes, the toilet (mostly) works so far, and you’re busy doing things that are more fun, like planting an herb garden and finding just the right shade of chartreuse to paint the kitchen. But a 30 year mortgage is a long time, and even the most robust custom plumbing work will probably need some TLC in that time frame. In fact, nearly 40% of home remodeling jobs involve damage repair to things like pipes and drainage systems, so make sure you have the homeowner’s equivalent of a capital gains budget handy in case the pipes stop behaving so nicely!
Myth #2: “Plumbing technology hasn’t changed since we switched over from out houses.”
To the untrained eye, a toilet is a toilet and a sink is a sink. You can’t imagine what all has changed in the last 100 years except for maybe that we did away with the pulley flush in favor of the handle. As it turns out though, new toilets are more efficient with their water. According to a recent consumer survey, nearly all of the people planning on a bathroom reboot in the near future say they will switch out their antique bowl for a modern one. Not only are they more stylish, they are also good for the environment and will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run on your water bill.
Myth #3: “Being proactive and remodeling before something breaks is a waste of time and money.”
We’ve all been to those parties where all the hostess talks about is her new granite counter tops, and how even though there was nothing wrong with her old granite counter tops she simply HAD to upgrade. As annoying as this kind of chatter is, it’s usually made up for in free cheese dip, and besides, the hostess is correct. Even a minor remodeling job can get you over an 80% return on your investment should you sell your house in the future. What’s more, literally thousands of Americans are “counter top talkers,” or at least bathroom vanity talkers. According to a survey taken by the National Association of Home Builders, fully 78% of home renovations in the U.S. are bathroom remodeling jobs.
If you have any recommendations for quality plumbers or contractors, please share them below! Or if you’d like to brag about your new counter tops etc., we would love to see the pictures.

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