Is Your Roof Built To Last? New Metal Roofs Increasingly Popular

Complete roof replacement

Although most roofs in America are currently asphalt, newer metal roofs are increasing in popularity due, in part, to American insurance companies. Many insurance companies are offering homeowners discounts when they install metal roofs, which are reported to last much longer than asphalt roofs and have a higher resistance to extreme weather.

Metal roofs can last more than 40 years, while the average asphalt roof has an expected lifespan of up to 30 years. Of course, much depends upon the weather conditions and heat or cold levels that the roofing materials are exposed to over time, but experts report that on average, homeowners can expect a roof to last several decades no matter what the material.

Homeowners who are considering roof replacement would do well to consult with a home maintenance contractor, who should be able to make the recommendation to repair or replace the current roof. In general, experts report that installing a new roof on top of an old one might be an idea that homeowners would want to reconsider, as it can decrease the roof’s expected lifespan.

Most roof leaks occur at small points where damage has occurred, either due to weather conditions or lack of maintenance. Minor roof repair is often attempted by homeowners, but an experienced home maintenance contractor might advise replacement instead of repair. In general, home repairs are often best undertaken with the guidance of a professional.

If a roof installation is undertaken by professionals, it typically should take less than three weeks, depending upon weather conditions and the homeowner’s availability to be present on the property while repairs are being performed. Types of roofing materials do vary, and often homeowners request that professionals be willing to undertake installing gutters at the same time.

Ultimately, the decision to repair or replace a roof rests in the hands of the homeowner, but with guidance from professionals and the potential for discounts on insurance premiums, many homeowners are opting to replace their roofs completely instead of embarking upon a series of minor repairs.

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