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Renting Construction Equipment A How-To for Contractors

Buying construction equipment can be pricey. For those contractors that need specialized machinery but that might not want to go to an equipment sales store and shell out that much money, rental is always a great way to get your large construction machines for any project.

Most John Deere industrial dealers and other mini heavy equipment dealers are going to have rental options for specialized machines and even for those machines that are more common. Rental is a great way to get the machine you need for a smaller fee and just for the amount of time that you are using it rather than spending a ton of money then having to seek storage.

Your local heavy equipment auctions are also a great choice you are looking to buy, and you want to do so for less money. With construction machinery, you can expect to pay thousands to get a decent piece of machinery, and then you have to store it as well until it is needed. Rental is a great way to go if you need a piece of machinery for a short time, and you want to save money as well. Here are the basics.

Have you had a piece of equipment break down at your job site? Do you need a rare type of construction equipment for one job only? Do you need extra supplies to get a job done faster? If you are a contractor who answered yes to any of these questions, then you know about at least three of the many reasons that construction companies will use power equipment rental services.

The equipment rental industry is a growing sector of the economy, with more manufacturers sending their equipment to rental lots than to sales floors. However, while there are many advantages to using rental equipment, such as less liability and more cost savings on equipment, there are some things that contractors need to know before renting. Here are just a few things to expect before embarking on the construction equipment rental process:

Know when and for how long you’ll need that equipment.
Rarely can you get a large construction project done in a day. When you rent equipment, it’s important to know exactly when and how long you’ll need it before you place the order. This way you won’t be surprised when you receive the bill. Knowing when you’ll need tools and construction equipment can also ensure that you get what you need when you need it.

Make sure you have proper certification.
Construction equipment is useful on many job sites, but it can also be very hazardous — and even deadly — if used improperly. Even if the equipment is being rented, it can still pose a risk. Take businesses that need to rent scissor lifts, for instance. In order to rent scissor lifts, contractors must be able to prove that their employees have had scissor lift training to comply with OSHA regulations. When you go to rent equipment, don’t be surprised if you are asked for proof of certification.

Get clear on the terms of the contract.
Equipment rental companies offer everything from drills and jackhammers to Bobcats and floor removal machines, and all for a low daily or weekly cost. However, that doesn’t mean that construction companies don’t have any liability when they rent. First, make sure┬áthat you know all the terms and conditions. Will you be responsible for any damage incurred during the rental period? Do you have to transport the items to and from the job site? Are there any late fees for returning the equipment late? Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before signing on the dotted line.

Have more questions about how you can rent scissor lifts, backhoes, scaffolding, power tools, and other common construction site supplies? Be sure to get in touch with a rental company near you. Leave a comment below if you’d like more suggestions. Read more blogs like this.


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