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Which Fencing is Right for You?

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1. Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing represents a very minimal commitment as far as fences go. In terms of maintenance, a section of decorative wrought iron fencing need only be washed occasionally with simple sample of soap and water. Wrought iron fence styles are relatively new, but this custom metal fencing is one that will only grow better with age and add curb appeal for home buyers. As good as these fences are, though, the cost of building a fence must be considered when choosing a material, and metal fencing is among the more expensive materials to build with.

2. Wooden Fencing

Another material to consider for your custom fences is tradition wood. These custom fences provide a more traditional appearance for one’s home which may or may not be what you envision. These fences are also considerably cheaper than metal fencing considering how easy timber is to come by. There is one drawback to wooden fencing however; it does not age gracefully. In adverse weather conditions, wooden fencing can warp, bleach, and rot its way into becoming an eyesore for you and your neighbors. As such, it requires significantly more maintenance than metal fencing to ensure these things do not happen. It is more of an investment of your time and energy, but if it is a look that you desire for your home, perhaps it would be worth it.

3. Stone Walls

One last option to consider for your home is a stone wall of some sort. Where fencing displays different sections of one’s yard tastefully, stone walls more firmly block off different areas. As such, they may not appeal visually to folks as much as other types of fencing, but they are certainly sturdier and require little to no maintenance. Which fencing appeals most to you? References.

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