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What to Look for in an Electric Garage Door Opener

electric garage door opener

A quality garage door can last you a long time if maintained properly. Therefore, it only makes sense that you may want to spend more time and effort choosing a good one for your property. Garage doors do not do much apart from going up and down over and over. However, this simple function can sometimes fail and inconvenience you if you cannot get a garage door service quickly. If you have an issue like an automatic garage door not opening, it could be that the track is not aligned correctly or the tension springs are broken. Unless you have some DIY skills, you might want to get a professional garage door service technician for assistance. This eliminates the risk of injury, making the issue worse or compromising the structure of the garage door.

On the other hand, if you need commercial garage door repair services, reach out to a technician specializing in commercial garage doors. For enhanced security and durability, commercial properties tend to use aluminum and steel garage doors. Therefore, most commercial properties require an aluminum garage door repair service from time to time. Also, unlike residential garage doors, which usually open in the morning and evening, a commercial garage door will be opened severally in one day. That means it will need maintenance checks and repairs often.

electric garage door openerGarage doors add a lot of value to a home. The price tag for most garage door replacecements is about $1,500. Most of the cost (about 84%) of a new garage door can be recouped by the homeowner. The garage door installation industry is thriving in the United States. This industry is worth nearly $5 billion. The electric garage door opener did not really take off in terms of popularity until after World War II but it is really popular now.

Many people do not realize that they have to purchase an electric garage door opener separately from the garage door. Most companies that sell these doors and handle professional garage door installation also sell the openers.

Homeowners have a lot of options available to them for an electric garage door opener.

What kind of drive should you get? The first thing to consider is the drive type. There are three to choose from: belt, chain and screw. The belt drive is the most expensive but it is also the most quiet. The chain is the oldest kind and is the cheapest but it is super noisy. The screw drive is in the middle of the other two in terms of both price and noise level.

How big do you need the door to be? Most garage door are seven feet tall and the electric garage door opener should give you six inches of leeway. If your door is bigger than that, you will need to purchase and extension package. You can talk about this with the professional garage door services company that you pick to install your door.

How much power do you want? The size of your door and garage will influence how much power you will need. Most standard two car garages equipped with a basic electric garage door opener for each car will need about 1/2 horsepower opener. One car garages need a little less. If you selected a really heavy door, you may need more power.

Do not forget security features. Ask about the rolling code, this is one of the best way to prevent people from accessing your house via the garage door.

What optional features do you want?
Back up system. You can get an electric garage door opener that has a battery back up. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages, this feature can be very important. The last thing you want is to have your car trapped inside (or outside) your garage.

Keyless entry. You can have a pad installed outside of the garage on which you punch in a code and voila! Your door opens. This is a really handy feature for those times when you have misplaced your remote control.

The garage door opener does provide your home with an added layer of security and adds real value to your home. Just do some research before you buy the door and the opener to make sure you get what you need.

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