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What Does the Christmas Tree Have to Do with Designer Lighting?

Designer lights

If you look it up online you’ll find some interesting facts on designer lighting. For instance, did you know that you can consider the lights you put up on your home every holiday season can be considered designer lights? A man by the name of Edward Johnson was the first to design lights for the Christmas tree. He did that when he worked with Thomas Edison in 1882. Soon after that, there were mass produced strings of Christmas tree lights being sold to American consumers at Christmas time. Ever since then people have been interested in different kinds of lights for inside and outside the home.

Today, custom lighting can be found in lighting stores that provide designer lights for home owners and business owners. Designer lights are also suggested to be used for people who are getting older. Designer lights can be used to provide comfort to the eyes for people who have cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and so on. There are various ways to use designer lights in the home for people who have eye problems. Just talk to any designer lighting specialist and they can explain the different types of lights that are best.

People love the look and feel of a home that has designer lighting. Kitchen pendant lighting can add a touch of elegance to just about any modern kitchen design. There are retro designer light choices as well. One interesting new development in designer lighting is the use of the new designer lighting choices for bathrooms too. Today, there are also designer lighting choices that incorporate the use of colored lighting to promote healing, which is called chromatherapy.

They are also using chromatherapy in swimming pools and surprising enough, on airlines now too. The entire field of designer lighting continues to evolve with all kinds of new lighting trends and information on how designer lighting can bring more enjoyment, relaxation, beauty and peace to any space that needs artificial lighting. Find out more about designer lighting by visiting several websites offering information on designer lighting trends, news and updates today.
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