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Types of Countertops

As the primary working surface in your kitchen, countertops are a workhorse and a critical component of a functional kitchen. Countertops have even started taking the main stage as a statement piece in the kitchen—yet another reason why purchasing the right type of countertop is so essential!

To choose the best countertop for your kitchen or other room in your house, here is a guide about the best kitchen countertop materials and how to coordinate them with your chosen aesthetic. Depending on the material, the countertop may require varying degrees of maintenance from regular cleaning tips and sealing. Different types of kitchen countertops may be prone or resistant to scratches, heat distortion or scalding, color fading, or absorption of fluids, which can lead to discoloration and stains.

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One of the most popular and best kitchen countertop materials is quartz, or engineered stone. Quartz is incredibly sturdy and resistant to many of the issues that may plague other countertop materials, making it hygienic and easy to maintain. One of the most popular countertop materials, granite is a highly desirable countertop material for its durability, hardiness, and distinct appearance.

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