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Top Lawn Maintenance Tips

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Your outdoor living spaces account for a fraction of your overall house appeal. Ensuring that these living space are always in their peak condition can significantly increase the value of your house. In fact, experts say that landscaping potential raises the value of a property by as much as 12%. This is particularly important when you want to sell your house.

A beautiful lawn requires regular watering if it’s during the summer period to get restore back the green state. Spiking to ensure that the soil beneath receives enough air, water, and nutrients. Racking is also important as it helps to remove the dead growth, leaving your lawn with a soft and green turf appeal. Here are more detailed yard care and maintenance tips for your lawn.

It’s the simplest and the most common lawn care tip. Depending on the rain patterns in your region, you may need to water your lawn every time and again. However, it’s usually recommended to water heavily rather than watering lightly but more frequently. This is to encourage maximum absorption of water and help the root system penetrate deep into the ground.

There are different types of soil, and each one requires a certain amount of water. But as a general rule, you are required to water the lawn until the ground surface achieves about an inch of water. Watering is highly encouraged when the grass starts to fade and dry out. And the best time to do this is in the early morning. Watering your yard in the afternoon isn’t advisable, this is due to high evaporation rate as the ground is mostly heated up during this time.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that long grass are prone to drought. This is because they require a lot of water and nutrients, which sometimes a grass plant’s root system fails to supply. And that’s why lawn care experts are insisting on regular mowing to reduce the workload on the root system. A short culm means above ground means that the roots will adequately supply the plant with nutrients needed for growth.

Mowing also helps the grass to thrive by eliminating unproductive leaves and growing new ones. The new leaves are thicker and productive, creating a beautiful and healthy lawn that is more resistance to many turfgrass diseases. However, during the summer your lawn needs to have plenty of grass to minimize drought by providing shade for cooling the soil.

Lawn maintenance professionals recommend a varying mowing pattern throughout the year. For instance, in the summer you are expected to trim your lawn after every one week and after two weeks during the other seasons.

Although mowing reduces weed build-up, it’s vital to conduct manual weeding. This is an ongoing process, but it should be easy if you already have a healthy yard. But even healthy lawns have weeds, so it’s nothing to fret about you simply have to pull up any visible weed.

If your lawn has stubborn weeds that have spread throughout, consider spraying a low-toxicity herbicide to tackle weeds. Racking the lawn before mowing can assist in weakening the weed, allowing the mower blades to destroy them more effectively.

As earlier mentioned, aerating helps to loosen the soil around a grass plant’s root system, which allows nutrients, air and water to easily penetrate. Compact soil blocks the essentials to reach the roots. A manual or a power aerator helps you revitalize the soil. Depending on the foot traffic on your lawn, it’s may be necessary to aerate it twice every year.

Lawns are prone to thatch, which is a thick mat of dead turfgrass tissue. Similar to aeration, de-thatching helps water and nutrients to reach the soil and penetrate through to grass roots. Although, a small amount of thatch is good for soil water conservation in that it limits evaporation from taking place. You need to detach your lawn at least every 2 years, but this will again depend on kind of grass on your yard. For instance, the buffalo type will have to be dethatched once a year.

With these lawn care tips, you are certainly assured of a healthy and beautiful looking lawn.

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