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Three Ways How Waterproofing Your Basement Can Keep Your Entire Home Safe

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Waterproofing basements is a serious job. You might think it only requires a pair of fishing overalls and some sealant, but the reality is actually quite a bit more involved. You’ll need to look into the background of your basement, how recently it’s been painted, where the problem leak spots might be located, and a dozen or so other factors before you can even decide which sealants are appropriate to be used.

With so many details to go over, the process might seem a bit daunting to take on by yourself, especially if you have no experience in the process before. That’s why the best foundation repair contractors make themselves available to help homeowners in situations just like yours. For more information on sealing foundation cracks, always get in touch with a professional before you attempt to do it yourself at home.

But why invest in basement crack repair or waterproof at all? These three reasons will give you plenty to think about.

1. Water damage can significantly lower your home’s resale value.

Forget about the hazards a cracked foundation causes to your home’s structure for a moment. Looking only at the havoc rainwater and other runoff can wreak in your basement, you’ve already got quite a hefty repair bill on your hands. And if your basement was finished before the water seeped in, it looks like you’ve got a bit of a new project on your hands. Look at this way — all the money you spend redoing your basement after a massive flood could just as easy be put into preventative measures for half the cost (or less). What’s more economical, doing the same job over again or taking steps to ensure you never have to worry about it?

2. Toxic mold can cause serious health problems and even death.

If you’ve found wet spots along the walls down in your basement (or anywhere else in your home, for that matter), there’s a good chance you could have a serious mold problem on your hands. Toxic black mold has been linked to thousands of deaths and illnesses across the nation, and folks with asthma or allergies tend to be affected by it the worst. As a homeowner, you’re not well equipped to handle the removal of toxic mold, so that’s a job simply best left up to the professionals.

3. Sealing foundation cracks can help lower your monthly bills.

Imagine a home that keeps heat inside instead of letting it seep back out through tiny cracks. Imagine a home that keeps cool air circulating instead of allowing hot outdoor air to creep in through holes in the basement. That’s why sealing foundation cracks is so crucial to your monthly bills — it might allow you to pay a little bit less each month on your heating and cooling costs.

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t do you any good to attempt a job you really have no experience or training in. Jobs like that are always better left to the experts. For more info, find a basement-sealing service in your area.

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