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Think You KNow Everything About Furniture? Here Are 3 Facts You Might Not Have Known

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As long as humans have had houses, they have had the need to sit and lay on furniture in their houses. It is something that seems so simple, but it wasn’t until recently that you could go down to the contemporary furniture store to get your house furnished. While we have moved into the contemporary furniture store, it hasn’t always been that way for thatch beds and modern leather furniture. Here are three interesting facts about furniture, before it was in the modern furniture store. These have all contributed to the $63 billion American furniture industry.

1. The first sofa was invented in 2000 BC, and was used by the ancient Egyptians. While this wasn’t the same as the top modern furniture brands, it was a sofa all the same. The ancient Egyptians also made table that were raised stone with chairs. These weren’t available at the contemporary furniture store.

2. Architectural design manuals date back to 1691. This drew the line between formal spaces and living spaces in your home. This is considered to be the beginning of the living room in the modern home. It divided the formal dining areas from those areas that your family relaxed and hung out with each other.

3. The term chairman comes from ancient times. This is because only those deserving would sit on chairs. All the more common people would be relegated to benches. After a while, these people of privilege became known as chairmen. Now they are commonly called chairpeople. This one of those etymologies that is outdated, but interesting nonetheless. Read this for more:

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