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The Value of Recycled Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide scrap

Tungsten carbide may not be a metal that most people are familiar with. It is however, a valuable metal that many people may have around their homes but not have use for. There are carbide recyclers that will be happy to to take the carbide off of your hands. Here are some things to know when considering whether or not to sell carbide.

Tungsten carbide is valuable due to its hardness and the fact that it is heat-resistant. It is estimated that this metal is actually twice as stiff as steel. These properties make for an extremely durable metal made to withstand extreme conditions. For projects requiring strength, tungsten carbide is an optimal choice.

Because tungsten carbide is fairly expensive when compared to other metals, recycling companies are typically willing to buy scrap carbide from any individual looking to sell carbide. Scrap carbide buyers will then sell carbide to manufacturing companies who will use the scrap metal rather than new material to produce their goods, thereby reducing their CO2 emissions by more than half.

If you are unsure if the metal you have is tungsten carbide you can get it tested before you sell the carbide. Some carbide recyclers will spark test the metal. The color of the spark will determine whether or not the metal is actually tungsten carbide.

If you decide to sell carbide you can look up carbide recycling prices online and look for a local directory of carbide scrap buyers in your area. Read more articles like this.

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