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Stop Letting High Energy Costs Make You Hot and Bothered!

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Are You Paying too Much for Heating and Cooling?

Typical roofing materials, used by many commercial roofers, reflect only a tiny portion of the sun’s rays, which means they absorb close to 100% of the sun’s heat and energy. Making your home warmer hotter than needed on summer days, raising your electrical costs, using air conditioning and fans.

By Choosing the Correct Roofing You May Decrease Your Home’s Energy Needs by Nearly 30%!

Commercial roofers know that the best roofing materials absorb only 35%, or less, of the sun’s energy, because they reflect more than half of sunlight’s heat. The right residential roofing is a terrific way of cutting out a chunk of your monthly budget. And who doesn’t want that??

What Are the Best Roofing Solutions?

Having commercial roofers install either cool colored, reflective metal or solar panels can be drastically more efficient.

What are the Benefits of Cool Colored/Reflective Metal Roof Replacement?

Ask half a dozen general contractors why they advocate roof replacement and they’ll explain that cool-colored metal roofing reflects between 20 and 90% sunlight of sunlight and heat. Up to 90%!! Simply having construction contractors install reflective metal roofing can save you up to 40% in cooling energy costs in the hot summer months! That when costs usually spike!! But roof replacement or roof repair can save you money!

What are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

    Solar panel installation can reduce your carbon footprint, per year, by an average of more than 15 tons of carbon dioxide
    Solar panels reduce your electricity bill an almost $100 a month on average.
    Since the beginning of 2011, solar panels have dropped in price by 60%.
    You get a tax break for having solar panels! The ITC (the federal solar Investment Tax Credit) gives you a 30% tax credit on commercial and residential properties converting, by the end of 2016, to solar energy.

So Which One of These Roofing Solutions is Best for You?

Consult with commercial roofers, and see what roofing solutions are best suited to your needs. Good constructions companies should give you an estimate of how long roof repair or roof replacement will cost; and an idea of the time needed to do the job.

So What are You Waiting For? Stop Burning Money!

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