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Solar Energy Why More And More People Are Relying Upon It

Best practices for renewable energy

The American dependence on old … fashioned energy sources like fossil fuel is slowly ebbing as solar energy becomes more attainable than ever. It’s true that solar services once seemed like an idealistic dream: an environmentally … friendly energy source that can be drawn from something as simple and available as sunlight. Its detractors once claimed that solar services were too expensive. In fact, America now has 4.8 million commercial buildings that consume together $107.9 billion of energy yearly. It’s clear that an alternative to “traditional” energy sources is necessary, especially since some of them are not renewable resources.

Is Commercial Solar Power Use Growing?

Solar services are no longer just an idea, but very much an attainable reality used by many big corporations. In fact, the top 25 corporate users of solar energy have more than doubled their solar capacity since 2012. This is important to note, as it proves that not only does solar power work … it works well, as these companies have not only continued their use but amplified it. Hopefully, this means that the use of commercial solar panels will only continue to grow. There’s a lot of information to suggest that it would.

How Much Is The Use Of Solar Energy Really Rising?

Every four minutes, new solar PV system is installed … by 2016, that number is expected to rise to a system being installed every 20 seconds. The number of people being employed by the solar power industry is also rising. Not only is this energy source good for business, homes, and the environment … it’s also beneficial to the economy. As the solar industry continues to grow, so will the its contributions to the job market.

How Much Does Solar Power Cost?

There’s an unfortunate misperception that solar energy is expensive, when in fact it is not. Since 2008, the cost of solar panels has declined by 80%, and since the third quarter of 2010, the average price of a PV panel has dropped by 63%. This means that not only is solar energy becoming more affordable for commercial means … it’s also going to become attainable for more residential homes as time passes.

Is Home Solar Installation Complicated?/p>

Solar installation services are readily available from many solar energy providers. It’s also a fairly simple process, and solar panels are easy to keep up. Once installed, a solar power system requires very little maintenance, especially if it doesn’t use batteries. The system could last for 25 to 40 years, with minimal noise and constant regularity.

There are too many benefits to solar energy for it to be ignored. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to be eco … friendly and have reliable, clean energy.

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