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Seven Features for Kitchens That Add Functionality and Boost Aesthetic Appeal

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Families cook, eat meals, and socialize in the kitchen, and it’s important that it is a place where everyone feels comfortable and can relax. Remodeling the kitchen means lots of time, energy, and money devoted to making this into a beautiful and functional space, and there are lots of modern designs that help facilitate this transition. An outdated kitchen can be transformed into an efficient and stylish room that showcases the owner’s personal style. If it’s time for a large-scale renovation or just a few small changes, keep reading to learn about some nifty features of modern kitchens.

    1. Under cabinet lighting
    It’s key to have good lighting, but sometimes overhead lights can be too harsh. Soft lighting under the cabinets makes it easier to see the counters, and it also adds an inviting glow to the kitchen.

    2. Matching countertops and floors
    Using the same material for both gives the kitchen a modern, minimalist feel. It can also open up a small space and make it seem bigger. This tactic is most effective with an open floor plan, but will add a special touch to any home.

    3. Solid surface countertops
    Natural stone slabs are the smart and stylish alternative to laminate counters. Granite is one of the most popular options. Why? Granite is easy to clean with soap and water (meaning a more sanitary kitchen), durable (it lasts a long time and doesn’t depreciate in value), and safe (it can handle hot dishes and diffuse the heat). Other types of natural stone slabs include limestone rock and Italian marble tiles.

    4. Bar stools
    Today’s kitchen is truly a gathering place for the whole family, and extra seating caters to this tradition. A kitchen island can double as a place to prep food and serve snacks, so cooking is sure to be a time for family bonding.

    5. Tile backsplash
    Natural stone tiles are a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen. They add visual appeal and a personal detail to the decor, and tiles also make for easy cleanup — food or messes are easily wiped away.

    6. Natural lighting
    Cooking and entertaining can be a much more pleasant experience if there’s abundant daylight flowing in from large, well-placed windows. A skylight is also a great way to improve natural lighting. Windows should be placed in locations that highlight the view, so make sure they’re facing an aesthetically pleasing part of the outdoors.

    7. Hidden appliances
    The fridge and dishwasher can be disguised as cupboards, which adds a fluidity to the kitchen and gets rid of appliances that can look out of place. The stove can be concealed by a moving countertop. This means extra space to entertain in when cooking is over and it’s time to relax.

Have you recently renovated your kitchen? Do you have any thoughts or advice on the best features? Natural stone slabs or wooden countertops? An island with bar stools or a separate area with a dinner table? If you’ve had an interesting experience or just want to ask some questions, let us know in the comments below. More information like this.

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