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Residential Replacement WindowsThe Ins and Outs

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Residential window replacement is often one of the first projects that new homeowners embark upon. People who have already owned their homes for a number of years and are now considering renovations will likely choose to do new window installation first. New windows today are manufactured with the focus on saving energy. When a new home is purchased, owners want to be sure they are going to do everything they can right off the bat to save energy costs now, as well as down the road.

Home window replacement involves some research, and, for help with information and questions, there are many experienced window installers in local areas. There are a wide variety of windows to choose from, and most homeowners prefer to go with those that will afford them the best savings on their heating and cooling bills. New windows are an investment, and, by choosing high quality windows, customers are insuring that their windows could last at least 20 years, sometimes more, depending upon their construction.

Residential window replacement affords huge benefits for homeowners in more than a couple of ways. The most obvious reason is savings on energy costs. Window replacement will typically bring, on average, an 80% return on the homeowner’s investment. New windows will also greatly improve the home’s appearance, both inside and out. Windows can be installed with a single pane or dual pane. Obviously, dual pane windows have twice the ability to retain heat and cooling as do single pane windows. This is helpful in major ways in climates where winters are rough or the hotter seasons can sometimes bring triple digit temperatures.

The Department of Energy has set down some recommendations to serve as a guide for homeowners who are considering residential window replacement. The first suggestion is to determine what type of windows will work best and where the energy efficiency of the home needs the most improvement. The Department of Energy also suggests that customers have some understanding of a window’s energy performance ratings. It is very helpful for homeowners to read through the department’s information on the subject before spending money on replacement windows. It is well worth the little bit of extra work!

Another important benefit that accompanies residential window replacement is the protection new windows will provide against UV rays. This fact is becoming more and more a concern as people become more educated about how harmful UV rays can be. The fact is that, although most people love to have their home flooded with natural light, excessive sunlight can fade the home’s interior. Not just furniture, but floors and walls can be adversely affected by years of sunlight hitting them as well. The good news is that there are now windows manufactured that are equipped with UV protection for the inside of the home.

Windows that are now constructed of tempered glass will cause less injury when broken. This is a major safety feature to today’s modern manufacturing of windows. Tempered glass is actually constructed so that it will break into small pieces rather than sharp shards of glass. This feature adds to the home’s safety and security, and to the safety of the residents. Another feature accompanying tempered glass is noise reduction, which successfully keeps outside noise where it belongs!

When choosing replacement windows, customers have a wide variety of options. In addition to energy saving manufacturing, windows are also constructed for easy cleaning. Today’s modern planning and development has literally taken the acrobatics out of window cleaning! Double hung windows are basically two windows stacked vertically that slide out for easy maintenance.

The swing and clean is constructed so that each window will actually pivot inward allowing both the back and the front of it to be cleaned from inside the home. Bay and bow windows are also constructed with energy saving in mind and also include a cable hanging system to insure against any sagging. These can be purchased and installed as double hung as well.

Casement and awning windows can be installed in a home in order to instill a look of elegance as well as giving forth an open, airy feeling. Casement and awning residential window replacement offers the ability to let more natural light into a room without overpowering.

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