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Professional Electrical Services Can Help Maintain Your Panel

Having the right knowledge when performing electrical services is crucial. In this Youtube video, Craig Michaud – Electrical Instructor discusses how to properly operate a 200 and 100amp electrical panel.

Most homes have a 200amp circuit breaker panel.

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Two “hot” wires, both red and black, have 120 volts flowing through them, combining for a total of 240 volts. The circuit is complete with the addition of a white wire or a.k.a. “neutral” wire. To obtain the first means of disconnect, the “neutral” and the “ground” have to be combined. By switching off the breaker, which is typically a large black switch, you stop the power from coming through the wires and into other parts of the panel such as the “bus bars”.

To recognize a 100amp breaker panel, see if there’s a 100amp main breaker attached. There are also two “bus bars” inside the panel, and power flows through them once the breaker is switched on. Like the 200amp breaker, you must combine the “neutral” and the “ground” to obtain the first means of disconnect.

Knowing the parts and how the electricity flows through them will help you understand what is safe vs. what is unsafe.

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