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Prefabricated Home Studios Help Many Families Solve the Working from Home Requirements

What a difference a view of the world can be.

Yesterday you read a post that described a shelter in place scenario when someone felt like their parent was living in a cage and what an awful way to spend one’s last days. This morning, however, you were chatting with an elderly lady who tells you how blessed she is. She, too, must stay in her place and has no visitors. Her eyes, though, see this world as something totally different. She talked about how lucky she was to be in a safe home with temperature controls, running water for hot showers and hand washing, she is indoor clean with safe bathrooms, plenty of food to eat, television for movies, books and newspapers to read and do the sudoko, and phones to call her friends. This woman is in her 90’s, but recently received an iPad so she can now visit and see her children and grands and great grands in other parts of the country. She will be the first to say that she never expected to spend her last days in a safe shelter with no physical visitors, but she is so happy to live in the days of technology and be surrounded by a safe and healthy environment. You love visiting with her as she has so many memories of her life. For instance, she remembers the days of hard labor, but also the times of wedding dances and silly growing up pranks. How different her last days are compared to the friend who describes her isolation as being in a cage. As you used to tell the Kindergartens you used to teach when they were sad, “Just turn that frown upside down,” things will be so much better.

A person’s view can help frame their lives, and in a time when the news cycle is more than defeating, it is important to note there are ways to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to remain positive and to be a part of the solutions this country needs.

As more and more Americans look at the possibility of having to work from home for an extended period of time, it should come as no surprise that the efficiency and affordability of prefab studios and backyard office kits are growing in popularity. And while just a few months ago the plans for prefab studios were being individualized to create she sheds and man caves, these same spaces are now serving as a more permanent solution to a more serious need. Having a space to craft to your heart’s content or gather with the boys may have been a trend in the last decade, but the reality that so many people may continue working from home for many months, if not indefinitely, means that there will be a growing need for the fast construction of personal work spaces.

Entry level insulated backyard offices and prefab studios are in increasing demand as a number of individuals and families look for solutions that will help them solve the challenge of having kids schooling at home and parents working in that same space. From saltbox prefab studio kits to American craftsman style options, there are many ways that a prefabricated structure may be the kind of solution that you need. Being able to quickly frame a new space that will help guide the way you look at the current world may be the solution you need to remain as positive as possible.

Research indicates that the most popular size and use for a modern shed is a 10 foot by 12 foot home office. Fortunately, there are a number of companies who have already altered the styles for the basic sheds they have sold in the past to meet the requirements for additional office space that many consumers have. Research found the University of California conducted a study during the last ten years that surveyed over 65,000 people in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia found that in general more than 50% of employees complain about too little private space in open offices.

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