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Looking to Be More Environmentally Friendly? Consider Solar Panels for Your Business

Solar mounting

Do you run a business and you’re looking for a more environmentally aware and cost-saving approach to energy? You may want to think about getting solar panel mounting systems installed. About 1,650 megawatts worth of solar paneling is now used in America. But why is the approach of solar mounting a good long-term solution?

1. Good for the Environment

When a single kilowatt of energy is produced using solar panels, that translates to 150 less pounds of coal that need to be used.If this practice were adopted on a large scale, we could achieve cleaner energy as a society. Over the long term especially, the use of solar energy can limit emissions harmful to the environment.

2. Lower Energy Costs

While it does require a substantial initial investment–approximately $55,000 for every 600 square feet of paneling, as reported by Statistic Brain–eventually you may see substantial savings in monthly energy bills. The manufacturing of solar panels costs a little under two dollars for every square foot.

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