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Linoleum Flooring Installation for Beginners


While vinyl flooring may have overshadowed linoleum in the 1960s, a renewed focus on environmental sustainability has brought this versatile flooring back into the spotlight. Easy to install, water-resistant, cost effective, and durable, linoleum can be considered one of the best flooring options of modern times.

The best thing about linoleum is that it is easy to cut and install, opening up countless decorating options for homeowners. Linoleum floor installation is only limited by the creativity of the homeowner. Available in dozens of colors, linoleum can be cut into tiles, circles, or other shapes to reflect the decor of any room. Some ambitious homeowners even create murals with their linoleum flooring, or use linoleum tiles to cover walls.

Many homeowners find that the durability of linoleum flooring installations to be ideal for kitchens, hallways, and other high-traffic areas. Because linoleum is so difficult to stain, it makes a great choice for children’s playrooms and artistic studios. Linoleum’s stain resistance, durability, and low price also make it one of the most popular floor options for commercial buildings and rental properties.

Installing linoleum flooring can be done in three different ways. The easiest way is the “floating” method, where the homeowner simply sets the linoleum over the sub-floor and reattaches the baseboards to keep it in place. A floating floor is easy to remove if the homeowner decides to renovate or in case of damage. The second easiest linoleum floor installation method is to staple the linoleum to the subfloor and replace baseboards and trim. Slightly more difficult to remove, a stapled linoleum floor is still not permanent, but is more secure than a floating floor. Lastly, linoleum can be glued directly to the subfloor. A linoleum floor that has been glued down can be difficult to remove, and is time-consuming to install. Homeowners should choose installation methods based on which will meet their needs. More information like this.

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