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Is Your Window AC Not Cooling? Heres How to Fix It!

One of the most common issues with window air conditioners is that they are not blowing out cool air. It is important to do regular air conditioning maintenance to prevent issues like this from happening, but if you do notice that your AC unit is not cooling, then you will need to repair it. In this video, you will learn about the most common fix for this common problem so that you can once again go on enjoying the cool air you deserve.

What you should do if you notice this problem is open up the front of your AC unit to see how dirty its filter is. Usually, poor cooling is caused by dirty filters because homeowners do not regularly clean them.

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When you check your filter, you can slide or pop out the filter depending on your unit and clean it with a vacuum, brush, or hose. If you do regular maintenance, you can prevent this from happening and catch dirty filters before they start to cause problems.


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