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Is Heating Oil Better Than Gas

There are many mysteries in life and some of the most amazing involve the way certain elements and materials react. Most people know that oils and gases are for the most part flammable and will catch fire and burn.

This is why we use gas and oil to run stoves and furnaces and other pieces of equipment, often with the explicit purpose of generating heat. But is there really all that big of a difference between something like heating oil and natural gas?

In this informative and insightful YouTube video, this is the question that is addressed and discussed. In it, you will see the differences in natural gas and heating oil, where they come from, how they are processed, how they are used, and what ways they interact.

Video Source

The comparisons of similarities and differences as well as tips for using these materials safely are also discussed in this video.

Check it out for yourself and see the many ways natural gas and heating oil can be used in the home and what you need to know about these innovative fuel sources.

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