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Imagining Fences and Why You Should Want One

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Quick — if we say “fence,” what comes to mind? Odds are the words “white picket” — or a mental picture of that iconic American vision — will be among your first responses. Yet there are a wide variety of fences, used for different purposes and to different effects.

The United States is home to over a thousand fence installation companies, with a maximum of 99,939 fence contractors. And it’s certainly a busy enterprise, pulling in $51 billion worth of revenue from fences alone. Wood fences impart a rustic charm, whereas vinyl fences are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Fences made from metal are also low-maintenance.

Fence installation companies can help you decide what style of fence you want, the material you should choose, and ultimately the effect your fence will have. Do you want a backyard fence to ensure your privacy while you grill or sunbathe? If you’re like 80-90% of homeowners, your fence will also ensure greater security. Dog lovers or families with small children will benefit from a fence intended not only to keep intruders out, but to keep the family safe at home.

But what if a homeowners want more than a fence ? If that’s the case, they might ask fence installation companies for a deck or patio. They are a popular request, simply because of the aesthetic appeal they lend to your outdoor space. Yet 40 million decks in the U.S. are over 20 years old. If yours is among that number, it’s probably time to consider an upgrade or replacement.

Finally, if homeowners consider the cost of an outdoor installment to be extravagant, they need not be concerned. The addition of a wooden deck to a house can increase its investment value by 87%. The high percentage of return is a bonus for homeowners considering selling their home in the future. It is also a good economical investment for the future.

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