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Contemporary italian sofas, Italian furniture nj

How To Take Good Care Of Your Leather Furniture

Contemporary italian sofas

Home is where your heart is. It’s where you cultivate warm memories, hole up during the cold months and kick up your feet after a long day’s work. When you notice your living room or bedroom has lost a little of its spark, a simple addition can transform your home overnight and give it new life. Contemporary Italian furniture is fast becoming a go-to option for many American homeowners, widely considered a high-quality solution for a home that’s become a little drab over the years.

The Home Furnishing Industry

The home furnishings and renovation industry has enjoyed growing figures over the past few years. Studies have shown furniture stores generating nearly $102 billion back in 2013, with sales figures steadily increasing in specialized areas. Back in 1992 the furniture and home furnishing industry amounted to $52 billion, making this one of the most incredible growth processes country-wide.

Popular Furniture Choices

Be it a black Italian leather sofa or a quality dining room chair, some furniture choices have become more popular than others. Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will spend their money on, after a house and a car. Millennials’ share of all buyers back in 2012 was only around 14%, but as of 2014 they have compromised nearly 40% of all households buying furniture and bedding.

Quality Leather Products

There’s a reason leather products have withstood the test of time. Classy and crisp, the feel of fine leather can add a sense of style to any home or apartment. Contrary to popular belief, leather is incredibly easy to care for — using a specialized conditioner once every six to 12 months as well as wiping up spills as they occur with a clean cloth will keep pesky stains and degradation at bay. Back in 2012 Baby Boomers accounted for 40% of all furniture and bedding buying household — compare this to recent years where they comprise only 30% of all buyers.

Reliable Production Methods

Italian leather is widely considered one of the most beautiful and elegant designs on the market. Italy produces approximately 50% of the machinery used to produce footwear and leather products around the world, with another 80% devoted to tanning machinery. There are two types of top grain leather for you to choose from — corrected grain or full grain. The former refers to leather significantly altered by buffing its surface to reduce scarring, while the latter is presented in its natural state with no alterations. Black Italian leather sofas and high end leather furniture, whether corrected grain or full grain, are only continuing to boom in popularity.

Choosing The Right Furniture

Contemporary leather sofas are one of the easiest ways of matching comfort with aesthetic. A black Italian leather sofa, particularly one bought from the right store, can be the next big attraction when you invite family or friends over. Sofas generally have a lifespan of seven to 15 years and, according to a study by “Good Housekeeping”, the average recliner will last 10 years provided it is well taken care of. Think you’re ready to live in style? Fine Italian leather furniture is there to give you the panache you’ve been craving.

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