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How to Build a Stamped Concrete Patio

One of the best outdoor home improvement projects you can tackle is building a concrete patio. Patios are great outdoor spaces that can be used for entertainment or to extend your living space from the inside to the outside. You can hire a concrete patio builder to take on this project, or you can do it yourself.

If you’re interested in DIYing your concrete patio project, you can watch the video posted here.

Video Source

In it, a concrete patio builder shows his full process for making a stamped concrete patio. By stamping the concrete, he gives the patio a unique look that sets it apart from other plain concrete patios.

To build the patio, he first builds the form that he will pour the concrete into. He makes sure the form is perfectly centered as requested by the homeowner. Next, he reinforces the form and adds gravel to it. On top of the gravel, he lays out a grid pattern of rebar that he ties together with wire. Once the support structure is finished, he mixes and pours the concrete.

Finishing the concrete patio is arguably the hardest part. It has to be smoothed relatively quickly and then stamped using special tools.

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