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How Rental Tools Can Save You a Fortune on Home Repairs

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Many contractors and do-it-yourselfers depend on reliable tools for rent to finish some of their hardest jobs. Over the past few years, nearly 51% of new construction equipment has found its way to rental lots where builders of all kinds come to rent scaffolding, forklifts, and other rental tools. Many manufacturers have picked up on this growing trend as they develop equipment specifically designed for rental tools with swappable attachments, simple controls, and ergonomic designs. Here are some ways that expert and amateur builders alike are take advantage of rental tools.

Many professional contractors have gone through enough personal or company equipment to know that renting tools an spare them from damaging some of their best equipment. Construction equipment is by no means cheap, and many companies don’t want to deal with the expenses of having to replace broken equipment when they can pay the rental company’s deductible. By renting equipment, contractors free themselves from the liability of owning their own equipment. As such, the construction industry has played a pivotal role in bolstering the tool rental business, as many companies have claimed that they have had to rent equipment at some point out of convenience or necessity.

Many of the do-it-yourself builders do not have a stockpile of saws, power tools, and ladder scaffolding laying around to finish their projects. Rather than spend thousands on big, clunky tools you may seldom use, many homeowners have switched to rental tools because of their ease of use, access, and low–commitment for purchase. Renting tools is the simple alternative to having a garage or shed packed full of hundreds of parts and tools that you may only use once. Thousands of homeowners already rely on rental tools to tackle their most pressing projects, what are you waiting for?

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