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How Different Hardwood Floor Textures Can Impact the Look and Feel of a Space

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This spring was pretty hectic. Between trying to keep up with both the Kardashians and the Joneses, and learning how to whip and nae nae, you probably weren’t the only person who didn’t get a chance to tackle their ambitious spring remodeling plans. That’s okay! Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s still plenty you can get done around the house during the winter, like finally taking on that hardwood flooring installation project — or laminate flooring installation if that’s your thing — that you’ve been off for ages.

The floor textures — including different floor patterns and various kinds of floor materials and their unique properties — are often the considered the unsung heroes of the carpet and flooring world. In fact, they’re also kind of the unsung heroes of interior design and decorating all together. In reality however, simply updating or upgrading your flooring and leaving the rest of the room untouched design-wise — not neccessarily recommended — can make a dramatic difference and improvement on the overall aesthetics of a room. And that’s exactly where hardwood floor textures come into play.

Just as there are various kinds of carpet designs, not all hardwood floor textures are created equal. Hardwood floor textures range from satiny smooth to chic and sophisticated matte and everything in between. Some hardwood floor textures may give off an air of luxury or lavishness while others offer a sophisticated sense of metropolitan chic. Just look at the way a rustic wood floor perfectly lends itself to country kitchen or the way a shiny, smooth hardwood floor enhances post-industrial decor.

Whatever kind of hardwood floor textures you decide on, be sure they’re properly installed. While there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that you cant take on to stave off the madness that is cabin fever, this probably isn’t of them, unless you have the appropriate experience. Otherwise, you might be working hard but not necessarily smart, and the quality of your installation will take away from the natural beauty of the floor. Simply put, you’d be wasting a whole lot of time and an equal amount of money. It’s always better to hire a professional when in doubt!

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