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How and When to Get Your AC Serviced

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About this time two years ago our air conditioning was broken. It’s a very old unit and needed replacing but we thought, hey it’s only January; we’ve got some time. Well, turns out time really does fly when you’re…well, not even just when you’re having fun, pretty much just if you’re alive. Time flies when you’re alive. That’s my new motto. Before we knew it, outdoor temperatures were approaching the 90’s and we had no air conditioning in our house. It was an absolute nightmare. It seemed like it was cooler outside than inside. I discovered taking boiling hot showers was unbearable at first but made the house seem cool for a few minutes when you got out; and boy, did I savor those few minutes! My point is, if you’re in need of AC repair, don’t wait until the weather starts warming up, get it done and out of the way now so it’s ready when you need it.

Only 42% of residents get their AC units checked yearly. They really should be serviced once or twice a year. Ask any air conditioning company and they will tell you that regular service should be done before and after the ‘AC months’ which generally speaking, would be summer time. This is because even if you have only been running the heating, your AC unit has still been working very hard through out the winter to heat your home. AC services are anything from a regular check up to replacement of small parts and tune ups of others. Here’s a few reasons why you should service your AC unit and what could go wrong if you don’t.

  1. If your unit is over 15 years old, chances are, there are parts that desperately need replacing with a good air conditioning service. Once you do this, it will result in major energy savings which is not only great for your pocket but also for the environment.

  2. If your air conditioner is leaking or just generally isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to an access of humidity in your house. Especially if you already live in a humid climate, this is the last environment you want for your house. Humidity affects your hair, skin, mood; everything. It’s an awful feeling to step from the suffocating heat outside into the suffocating cool inside!

  3. If you choose not to have your AC unit serviced by an air conditioning company you are probably cutting the unit’s life span short. Dust, debris and dirt can collect and cause the AC unit to stop working properly and eventually because of being over worked, end up giving out all together, way before its time.

  4. Your unit will end up becoming less efficient with time, doing less work and costing you more money to do hardly anything for the temperature and environment of your home.

Contact an air conditioning company now and have them take a look at your unit and make sure everything is running smoothly and you’ll be able to breathe easier, literally and figuratively.

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