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Frequently Asked Questions About Radon

When you are looking to purchase a new home, it is a good idea to conduct radon testing. Radon in your home can be a significant issue when left undetected, so you want to ensure that there is little to no radon in your home or that you hire a radon mitigation and abatement service.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a natural element that exists in the environment. However, if radon levels are too high in your house or drinking water, your chances of getting cancer can increase dramatically.

How Common Is Radon?

Radon is found in homes more commonly than most people think. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately one in 15 homes in the United States have radon levels that exceed the recommended levels. There are some parts of the country where you are more likely to find radon in your home. Several states have been confirmed with the EPA as having dramatically high radon testing results. As many as one in three testing and inspection results confirm radon levels higher than the 4 pCi/L recommended levels in these states, which include Colorado, North Dakota, Iowa, and Montana.

Colorado radon testing is performed often and is highly encouraged when buying a new house. Radon testing companies make the process easy and results can be generated after just 48 hours.

What are the Dangers of Radon in Your Home?

High levels or radon in your home can cause serious health issues. The EPA and Surgeon General’s Office estimate that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths result from radon exposure each year. Residential radon testing and the utilization of radon mitigation companies can help reduce the number of exposures annually.

What Is a Radon Mitigation Company?

Radon mitigation services are used when radon testing in your home is conducted and found to be higher than what the EPA states are recommended or safe levels. After radon test results come back too high, a radon mitigation company can come out to your house and discuss radon mitigation effectiveness. Ideally, a radon mitigation and abatement system will be installed in the house to remove radon from the air. If radon is found in the water, mitigation and abatement systems can be installed for your well. This way you are not ingesting radon into your body.

Radon mitigation services can dramatically reduce the levels of radon in your home, reducing your chances of getting lung cancer, or other cancers, from radon exposure.

Radon in your home is a serious matter; however, there are ways to reduce radon exposure to safe levels and live a long and happy life.

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