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Follow these Tip and Tricks When Asphalt Striping

This video discusses tips and tricks to consider when handling asphalt striping. In this video, Billy Davidson from Davidson Pressure Wash Painting, discusses parking lot asphalt striping.

This video is for those that are interested in beginning a career in asphalt striping.

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Billy talks about how much to charge for a job. This is a big deal because you want to be able to make a living. It is important to know where the pitfalls may be when it comes to pricing. You need to know how many jobs you can do per hour. You want to charge enough to earn money, but not take advantage of your customers.

This video discusses how you paint over existing lines. The paint used for parking lines has bonding agents that allow it to stick to just about anything. If the existing parking line has loose material, you can sweep it. However, if it appears wet, it needs to be power washed. When the lines are wet, they have mold and algae. Often, you will find lines that are loose and wet.

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