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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Radon Abatement Company

Radon is present in every home in the United States, but the levels vary from house to house. However, it’s not that easy to check the level of radon gas which is you need professionals to do it for you.

But hiring any radon mitigation and abatement company is not a good idea. You need to perform your due diligence in determining which reputable radon testing company can provide accurate testing for radon.

If you don’t have your house tested for radon, you won’t know if the present levels are beyond the US Environmental Protection Agency’s permissible standards. Given that one out of every 15 houses in the United States is estimated to be at or over the EPA action threshold, it’s more important than ever to determine if your home is secure and safe from this deadly gas.

Criteria of an Excellent Radon Mitigation and Abatement Company

Scientists anticipate that decreasing radon levels in homes beyond the EPA’s action limit will reduce lung cancer mortality by 2 to 4%, or approximately 5,000 deaths.

While self-testing for radon gas is a valid alternative, hiring a radon testing firm to complete the essential examination is still the preferable option. When you hire professionals to do radon testing and inspections, you can be certain that they possess the necessary experience and abilities to guarantee that your efforts are not in vain.

However, it’s not a good idea to use the first radon mitigation firm you come across. There are several dangers involved, including the chance of spending time and money while failing to achieve the desired outcomes – which is to achieve acceptable radon levels in your house.

As a result, while selecting a radon testing firm, keep the following aspects in mind:

1. Licensed and Certified Contractors

To execute a proper inspection, a reliable local radon testing contractor should have the necessary licensing and certification. Typically, they need their professionals to complete extensive training programs in order to prepare them for the job involved in radon mitigation.

You’ll need to ensure that the radon mitigation and abatement company have certification from the following agencies:

  • National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
  • National Radon Safety Board (NSRB
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

2. Justifiable Rates

The vast majority of people are unaware of the processes and actions involved in radon reduction and abatement. As a result, unscrupulous and dishonest radon testing businesses might profit from your ignorance.

When you engage a contractor like this, you can expect them to bill you a fee that is either too low or too excessive. When you consider the rigorous methods required in radon reduction, you’ll understand if the price appears absurd.

3. Adherence to Standards

When hiring a contractor, make sure they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • State guidelines
  • Local ordinances
  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

You can always double-check if you’re still unsure. Ensure that the vent exit is at the following location:

  • Ten feet away from any window
  • Two feet above the roofline

4. Performs On-Site Inspection

For a trustworthy firm, estimating the levels of radon in your house is simple. The first thing they’ll do when they get on site is to conduct a comprehensive examination. After gathering the information, they’ll evaluate the structure of the home to identify the best radon mitigation strategy.

Avoid radon testing firms that don’t do an on-site inspection since they won’t be able to analyze your home’s unique needs. You’ll wind up with a non-functional generic installation.

5. Reliable Diagnostic Procedures

Technicians from qualified radon mitigation and abatement firm will come to your house to do preliminary inspections and diagnostics. It’s worth noting, though, that radon testing is required both before and after installation.

Following the installation of the mitigation system, some firms skip the essential testing phase. It is, nevertheless, a critical stage since it will determine whether or not the installation was successful and effective.

Choosing the Right Radon Company is Essential in Ensuring Safety

The criteria above will assist you in selecting a trustworthy firm for you to work with. Radon abatement Aurora businesses, as well as those in other locations around the country, can assist you in determining the amount of radon in your house. Only when it’s completed will you know if it’s safe to live in for you and your family.

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