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Do You Need Air Conditioning Repairs or a Replacement System? Here’s How to Tell

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For many people, knowing the difference between getting air conditioning repairs and a complete replacement of a unit can be difficult. How many repairs are too many, for example? When is it more worth it to replace rather than repair?

If you’ve been considering either a repair or a replacement of your system, take a look at these examples to find out what kind of maintenance you need:

When do you need air conditioning repairs?

Any minor issues, like a replacement for a condenser coil or getting a cleaning, will only require an AC repair service — not a complete replacement. Some repairs may be major. If the repair costs more than replacement, then it may be time to consider getting a new AC system. However, most repairs will not cost as much as a brand new air conditioner. With good maintenance, repairs should be minimal throughout the life of your air conditioner.

If your unit suddenly starts require too many repairs, or if the parts for your AC are no longer manufactured, then it may be worth it to consider replacing a unit. Otherwise, most local AC repair services have no problem with tracking down replacement parts for a unit.

When do you need air conditioning replacement?

These days, an air conditioner will last an average of 12 years — not a particularly long time in some cases. This largely depends upon where you live and how often you use your AC. If you live in a warmer climate, for example, then you might find yourself replacing your AC sooner rather than later; if you only use your AC seasonally and keep it well maintained, then it shouldn’t require any replacements right away.

If your system lacks energy efficiency, then you might consider a replacement. In other words, if your AC doesn’t adequately cool your home or is driving up your energy bills even due to moderate usage, then it might be time to look into a newer model. Before you consider a replacement, however, make sure that the unit is inspected and cleaned to be sure.

Still have questions about your air conditioner or AC maintenance? Call a local AC repair service in your area to find out what you need. You can leave a comment in the space provided, too, with any general questions or suggestions.

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