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Do You Need a Porta Potty for Your Home Improvement Team?

How impressed will your construction team be with the portable restroom facilities at your home? Whether you need a portable toilet for your home improvement team will depend on a few factors. The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that any site where construction work is done needs to supply toilet facilities, so you will likely need them.


Making Arrangements for Portable Bathroom Facilities


The first factor to consider is the project’s expected length and the number of construction crew or contractors on-site. If there are fewer than 20 workers on-site and the home has available facilities, adding additional facilities may not be necessary. However, if there are no facilities on-site, or more than 20 contractors are working at your home, then you must make arrangements for facilities or additional facilities.

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A lack of facilities will result in lower productivity levels as workers will leave the site searching for restrooms. Even if the crew has access to your home facility, it may strain your system if the crew is relatively large.


A porta potty rental in Charlotte, NC will provide additional facilities according to your needs and regulatory requirements for your specific area. Rental companies will assist with calculating the number of facilities needed, provide them, maintain them, and remove them when the project is complete. It’s best to have at least one facility on-site.


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