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DIY Flagstone Path Tips

Many upgrades and hardscape additions can make a landscape look and feel all the more inviting and give a home or business a more inviting or professional feel. One such option is a well-installed and maintained walkway or pathway. If you want something a little nice and more natural-looking than simple asphalt or pavement, you may want to consider using flagstones for your path. Flagstones are large flat pieces of stone that are thin and not suitable for vertical constructions in most cases but are perfect for walkways and paths in the yard or garden.

Video Source

This time-lapse YouTube video shows the process, from start to finish, of what all is involved with installing this sort of accent to your yard.

The video also touches on some important tips and suggestions that can help you get the best results possible when you are going to install your flagstone path. Everything from laying out the path to the initial digging to the finer details of leveling and securing the flagstones in place, every step of the process is demonstrated and discussed in this video. If you are planning a pathway and are wanting something unique and beautiful, consider flagstones and then check out this informative video to get started!.

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