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Diagnosing Your Air Compression Leak Problems

Compressed air piping sizing

Owning a home is a learning process. You will come across many repairs and renovations that you never thought you would be capable of. You will use the internet often to research these different repairs. You will find yourself frequenting the local hardware and home improvement store to find different parts and to ask questions of the store professionals. You will also realize that purchasing a few items for the home, specific tools will be helpful for different projects and renovations. An air compressor is one of these helpful tools. However, there is a lot involved with the air compressor and a lot of things to consider.

You will need to do the appropriate research to choose the best air compressor for your specific situation. You will also need to research repairs on the air compressor, as a damaged air compressor can be difficult to fix. Things like the air fitting and the compressed air piping layout are also important to understand.

Each air compressor will also differ, making it important to understand your specific air compressor tank. For example, if your compressed air system does not have an air receiver tank, add one to buffer short term demand changes and reduce on and off cycling of the compressor. The tank is sized to the power of the compressor. For example, a 50 hp air compressor needs approximately a 50 gallon air receiver tank. This may sound difficult, but will become explainable when you purchase your air compressor tank.

You will also want to ensure that everything in your air compressor fits properly. Improper fitting will reduce the overall efficiency of the air compressor. If the compressed air piping layout is not correct, you will lose the compressed air, making the entire compressor pointless. You will often lose small amounts of pressure when something is wrong, rather than all of the pressure being lost. Compressed air fittings may need to be adjusted or there may be a different problem.

The specific solution will depend on the amount of pressure that is lost. You will have to measure the amount of pressure that is lost. If pressure loss is greater than 10%, evaluate your distribution system and identify areas causing excessive pressure drops. Every two pounds per square inch decrease in compressor pressure will reduce your operating costs 1.5%.

It is important to find these leaks and to evaluate them as soon as possible. If your compressed piping layout is not correct and air leaking occurs, you will notice an increase in your energy costs. This can be very costly for a large business or home. Compressed air system leaks can be costly, a one eighth inch diameter hole in a 100 psi system can cost you more than $1,200 per year in wasted energy, so it is worth maintenance time to fix all sizeable leaks. Keeping up on the maintenance of the compressed air piping layout will save you money in energy costs and will guarantee you an efficiently working machine with the appropriate cushion clamps.

Home and business owners will do a lot of research when it comes to maintenance. Most property owners will notice a lot of benefits with the purchase of an air compressor. However, air compressors also require their own maintenance to ensure they are working properly and efficiently. A small leak in the air compression needs to be corrected immediately. It can raise the energy costs of the property and prevent the air compression from working properly.

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