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Designing the Best Playground

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Backyards and playgrounds are very similar in landscaping ideas and necessary design elements. While not all landscaping designs are the same, there are several common factors between family yards and playgrounds. Making a yard safe for children to play in without sacrificing aesthetics can be challenging, but the end result makes it all worthwhile.

The first major difference between a playground and regular backyard landscaping is ground cover. While grass is acceptable for many backyards, it can become trampled and worn down after repeated play. Playground mulch is a great solution, as it can protect the top soil but won’t injure children if they fall down. Playground mulch is available in rubber bits and wood fiber, both of which are low-maintenance ground cover. Rubber mulch and wood fiber settle to be flat, and require minimal maintenance in the form of occasional raking.

If you are covering the ground with anything other than grass, you may want to consider using landscaping stones or bricks to make a tidy edge. Make sure these are kept away from high-traffic areas, and try to keep them as level with the ground as possible to minimize the chances of someone tripping on them.

Surrounding the play area with trees and bushes can be a great way to increase privacy from watchful neighbors, give children a convenient area to play hide and seek, and offer shade on hot summer days. Be sure to research any trees or bushes you plant to make sure they have no toxic properties or unpleasant thorns. You will also want to consider their size, and how the roots will affect the rest of your landscaping designs.

Whether you are landscaping a backyard or a community playground, your first priority should always be safety. By following these convenient tips and utilizing playground mulch, you are sure to create a safe and fun space for children to frolic and play.

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