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Common Problems and Fixes for Your HVAC System

This guide shows five things that commonly go wrong with air conditioners. One of them is a busted capacitor. That means the fan inside your house might be going strong, but it’s blowing hot air instead of cool air. The unit outside might also be completely off. You may hear a buzzing sound now and then when you turn on the AC too.

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When the refrigerant is low, your AC can be on and running, but rooms aren’t getting any cooler. Thankfully, you can try several things before calling an AC repair professional. These include cleaning the condenser unit or replacing the filter. Meanwhile, a clogged condensate drain can be messy.

Everything may seem to be working fine, but there’s a big puddle of water under the air handler. You can usually fix this by cleaning out the condensate drain line. The symptoms of a broken control board can be a little weird. For instance, both heating and cooling could turn on at the same time. Or the fan motor inside may not be getting any power at all.

A broken condenser fan motor: the inside unit works, and the compressor usually runs until it overheats. However, the fan on top of the outside unit isn’t running. Knowing these common AC problems and their fixes can save you time and money. For simple issues like dirty filters or blocked drains, you can do the fixes yourself. For more complex problems, don’t hesitate to call a professional.


For more complex problems, don

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