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Catch Filters Strain 9831% of Fats, Grease and Oils Before Contaminating Stormwater Drainage Systems

Triton catch basin insert

Silt from logging and construction projects, as well inorganic water pollutants such as acids and ammonia that are discharged from industrial operations and food processing plants can damage the drinking water that is derived from stormwater runoff. Farmers use fertilizers on their crops which can also create stormwater pollution. Stormwater drainage must be controlled in order for everyone to have safe drinking water. Add to that the fact that the macroscopic pollution materials found in large bodies of water, such as trash and other floatables caused by marine debris, and you can see why stormwater drainage coming from large bodies of water must be controlled.

Ground water pollution is another huge problem too, since it can be contaminated by surface pollutants such as grease, fats and oils that can accumulate on the surface, especially in paved parking lots. It is a good thing we have stormwater filters to catch all of these contaminates. In fact. The catch filters designed by engineers have been able to strain 98.31% of the fats, oils and grease that can get carried away in ground water runoff. The University of California has performed studies on this and the above fact was listed in their results. When it comes to stormwater drainage and groundwater pollution the problem is even harder to deal with. The reason it is trickier to deal with is because the pollutants can travel through unseen aquifers before stormwater treatment can be applied.

The drop inlet spillways do help though. For instance, once stormwater drainage enters the drop inlet spillways, the stormwater drainage is contained so pollution can be more controllable. The subject of stormwater drainage is very important for the health and well being of all humans as well as animals. It is very important for communities to make sure its residence have clean drinking water. Each community must pay attention to and adhere to the EPA’s requirements for stormwater drainage and stormwater management systems. There are certain products that are approved for use for stormwater drainage. It is to everyone’s best interest to ensure local businesses and residents are in compliance with the requirements set for stormwater drainage.

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