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Behind the Scenes of an Interior Designer

If you are planning a major home renovation or have just completed such a project and need help with the finishing touches, working with a residential home designer and interior decorator can be a great way to go. Interior design is a vast section of decorating and remodeling that often focuses on home layouts, décor, and accessories. In this YouTube video, a skilled a very accomplished design professional walks you through the role of an interior designer and what that type of work actually entails in the day-to-day work.

Topics such as what you should expect if you want to become an interior designer, what type of work these professionals do on a normal daily basis, how to find the best decorator for your home, and the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator, are all addressed in this video.

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If you want to get the best possible experience out of your time with your interior decorator and want to get the best possible results you need to know what to expect and what service they typically do and do not offer. So, get started with this informative video and make the most of your residential home designer and interior decorator!.

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