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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels Continue to Top the List for Most Popular Projects

The remodeling efforts that you have made in the last year are finally coming to an end. Just in time for next month’s graduation party for your youngest daughter, you are excited that the work is nearing completion and you can get back to a house that feels more like a home than a construction site. The design builders and contractors that you used have been great and you are most excited about how the kitchen turned out.

With tones of blue in the backsplash and and a grey stained wood floor that is a perfect compliment to the dark wood used for the cupboards, this will be a space that will serve as command central for your family, as well as a great entertaining spot for the graduation party. Although it feels like you have been planning this party for months, in the end it may become just a test for the big wedding plans that will occur next winter.

Remodeling Contractors Help Families Reimagine the Spaces in Their Home

Home remodeling continues to grow in popularity as many property owners want to enhance and improve the spaces where they currently live instead of always looking at other home purchase options. As families look to continue traditions that their children treasure, the temptation to stay in your current home is a great way to make sure that you are indeed creating memories that will last a lifetime. There is something to be said for a child knowing that every Christmas of their life was spent in the same room. These are the kind of memories that make children want to return to their parent’s home with their own children.

Sticking with traditions is just one of the reasons that spending on home improvement products in the U.S. hit $303 billion last year. Although there are some home owners who would rather purchase a new home than mess with any kind of design builder plans and modifications, there are many times when a remodeling plan is the perfect solution. Established neighborhoods with streets lined with boulevard trees are great places to raise a family. New, sterile developments, in contrast, simply do not appeal to many people. Plus, if your home is completely, or nearly, paid off, it often makes more sense to simply take out a small home improvement loan as opposed to a huge mortgage on a new home.

Remodeling companies offer a number of services that allow property owners to fairly easily upgrade the current spaces in their homes. Sometimes the solutions are as simply as new fronts for existing cabinets and engineered low maintenance products for floors. Design builders offer a number of different kinds of services, but most projects follow some of the most popular trends. For instance, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 30% of remodeling activity included major additions and alterations, 40% included minor additions and alterations, and 30% involved maintenance and repair.
Planning for an upcoming graduation or wedding are just two of the many reasons that property owners find themselves looking for a contractor to help them transform their current spaces into great home remodeling results.

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