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Awning Installation Process

Awnings are a great addition to the patio of any home. An awning hangs off of the roof or wall of a home to protect the patio or other areas from sunlight. Awning installation can be complicated so if you are not experienced it would be best to contact an awning installation company. Let’s take a look at the installation process.

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Before you can install an awning it’s important to know where it will be installed. If your home has an overhang on it, you will install the awning to the overhang. If it does not have an overhang you will install the awning on the top of the wall.

The first step of the process is to measure where the clamps that hold the awning in place will go. Use a tape measure to ensure that they are of equal distances apart. Once you have measured you can use a ladder to attach the clamps to your home.

In the final part of the process you will be placing the awning onto the clamps. Be sure to screw them closed around the awning after it is in place. If you do not screw the clamps, your awning will not be secure.


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