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5 Natural Lawn Care Tips You Should Try

You’ve made a great decision ditching the chemicals and going truly green with your lawn. Aside from having a more natural look, your lawn greatly affects the value of your home.

Did you know that spending as little as 5% of your home’s value on landscaping may yield an ROI of as much as 150%?

But how do you easily take care of your eco-friendly lawn?

Organic lawns have grasses that are taller than usual. This is the most obvious difference when comparing organic lawns to the usual green carpet lawns you’d find in the suburbs.

Beneath the tall and all-natural looking facade, are some not-too-common methods in maintaining it. Read on as we present to you our top 5 natural lawn care tips that are easy to implement and remember.

1. Maintain the Right Grass Height

You don’t want a lawn that looks like a golf course. Going natural means having taller grasses. They should be trimmed down to 3″ in height only. You should measure it from the soil surface to the blade tip.

It doesn’t have to be done perfectly, but at least don’t go below 3 inches.

A tall grass means it has longer roots, which help it remain healthy. It also helps with organic weed control. Their height shades out the weeds and prevents the germination of weed seeds.

Your soil also benefits from the shade they provide. Moisture is kept from rapidly evaporating which helps the soil maintain a moderate temperature.

2. Leave Behind those Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are another secret to effective natural lawn care. Don’t do the extra work of cleaning up and hauling the clippings in a bag. They’re actually food for your lawn.

These clippings decompose and become natural fertilizers. It’s similar to how forest trees get their nutrients from their own decomposing leaves.

And if you’re worried about your pets, these clippings are safe. Since they’re organic, the clippings don’t have any pesticides or any chemicals that may harm them.

3. Water Your Grass the Right Way

The best time to water your grass is early in the morning or at dawn. Go deep but less frequently. Doing this every morning is enough for a day’s worth of water for your grass.

Don’t waste water by watering your grass in the afternoon or midday. They’ll just end up evaporating.

During the summer months, you don’t have to worry about your grass turning brown. They’re actually going dormant, conserving energy and water until the next morning.

Rising early is a requirement for an organic lawn owner. You can’t shortcut your way by watering them at night as it will only cause fungal diseases and anaerobic soil conditions.

4. Organize Organically

Going eco-friendly means following the rhythms of nature. You need to adjust the way you take care of your lawn based on the seasons.

Spring or fall is the time when you’ll be doing most of the activities. It’s during this time you should be aerating. It’s also the best time to feed your lawn with organic liquid compost.

When it comes to mowing the grass, you need to get rid of abstract scheduling like 3 days a week or once every 3 days. The best time to cut the grass is when it’s taller than 4 inches.

5. Use Organic Fertilizers

You don’t want soil that’s too acidic as it will poison your grass. To help maintain a healthy pH balance, you need to use organic fertilizers. Applying a thin layer on the surface is the safest way to go if you’re still a beginner.

The type of organic lawn fertilizer that you should use will largely depend on what type of nutrients your soil needs. For instance, if it lacks phosphorus then you should use a fertilizer that boosts this nutrient.

Using organic fertilizers also make your lawn safe for your family. You don’t have to worry about chemicals and pollutants every time your children play in your yard.

Smart and Easy Natural Lawn Care Tips

Follow these 5 essential tips to keep your eco-friendly lawn healthy and thriving. If you find that doing natural lawn care yourself is quite overwhelming, you can always call for organic lawn care services to help you out. It lessens the work for you, and some of them even offer a comprehensive soil-building program.

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