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3 Undeniable Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Trenchless technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the sewer industry. It’s hardly surprising, given the fact that trenchless repairs require just one access hole to be dug in the ground — saving homeowners countless dollars and labor hours while preserving one’s landscaping.

Despite the many benefits of trenchless technology, a shocking percentage of homeowners still haven’t heard of it. A recent Angie’s List survey found that 79% of homeowners have never heard of trenchless pipe repairs! However, you can’t afford not to know about this innovative form of repair.

Still not convinced that you should invest in a trenchless pipe repair or replacement? Read this list of the three biggest advantages to homeowners who opt for a trenchless procedure on their sewer lines:

Trenchless is cleaner and less disruptive

As stated before, a trenchless sewer repair requires just one or two access holes to be dug in the ground. If you value your yard’s landscaping, this is a great method to choose, as trenchless won’t affect your landscaping at all. Nor will it require workers to tear up your driveway, street or sidewalk, significantly reducing the amount of disruption.

Trenchless is cheaper

With traditional pipe repairs, workers were required to dig long trenches in the ground to access sewer lines. This process involves significant labor costs. Trenchless, however, cuts the amount of time it takes to repair your sewer lines in half, saving you countless dollars in labor costs.

Trenchless lasts longer and is more durable

Did you know that replacement pipes installed via trenchless procedures are actually more durable than they’ve ever been before? These new pipes will be made of a strong epoxy material. You can be confident your new sewer lines will work for decades to come.

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