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3 Tips to Finding a Foundation Repair Contractor

This video provides three tips to keep in mind when you are hiring a foundation repair contractor in order to be an informed consumer and get better results.

Tip number one is to watch out for a “transferable warranty” because this does not mean the warranty stays with the home. Next tip is to call a structural engineer to go over a repair plan for your home, especially in complex situations. This gives you more peace of mind to know the structural engineer is working on your behalf and not trying to sell you.

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It is always good to have second opinion from a specialist. A good foundation repair contractor should be able to provide you contact information for a structural engineer. Last tip is to watch out for pushy salespeople. Some companies will try and close the sale immediately because if you shop around, you may find a better deal. You should not have to make big decisions on the spot.

To begin looking for a foundation repair contractor, you can do online searches or ask people you know. More often than not, someone will have a referral of a reliable company.


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