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3 Home and Design Remodeling Expert Ways to Leverage Stone and Tile

In home design, natural stone gets more popular by the year. Just ask your fellow home design and remodeling experts. In fact, by 2026, studies predict the natural stone market will increase in value by nearly 30%.

From unique exterior tile and stone choices to luxury marble countertops, all homeowners envision beautiful fixtures in their dream home. Figures show homeowners are more than willing to pay for quality renovations over routine upkeep.

On average, owners spend five times more money on home improvements than they do on maintenance.

With the booming interior design market reaching a $14.6 billion valuation, homeowners are looking for a design professional who will justify the investment. Leveraging natural stone and tile adds an air of opulence to every project that your future clients, prospective buyers, and owners will appreciate.

A home design and remodeling expert should consider these three simple ideas when drafting new plans:

  • Create luxurious shower renovations with stone slab wall tiles.
  • For budget-friendly kitchen plans, recommend porcelain tile countertops.
  • Transform outdoor entertaining areas through porcelain tiling options.

Read ahead for quick tips to establish yourself as an industry authority in working with natural stone and tile.

Design Luxury Shower Renovations with Stone Slab

Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects. Upgrading showers with natural stone creates a rich aesthetic that will impress any prospective homeowner. Use granite or marble stone slab wall tiling to design a remodel that exudes extravagance.

Use Porcelain Tile Countertops in Economical Kitchen Remodels

First-time home buyers lean more budget-friendly with renovations, but natural stone can still be an option. According to the National Association of Home Builders, younger home buyers, like Millennials, favor natural stone countertops in their kitchens.

You may recommend porcelain tile as an inexpensive alternative to granite countertops. Porcelain tile is also more stain-resistant than marble or granite.

Take Advantage of Porcelain Tiles for Outdoor Living Spaces

Home design and remodeling experts can also use porcelain tiles in outdoor living and entertaining areas. These versatile tiles are frost proof, scratch-resistant, and require little maintenance after installation.

For projects where value is a top priority, consider using porcelain tiles.

Final Thoughts

With how quickly the stone and tile market grows, homeowners are looking for well-versed home and design remodeling experts who will help turn their future home visions into reality.

You can evolve every space in a home by employing a few stone and tile choices. Any home design professional wanting to add to their industry expertise should stay updated on natural stone-related tips throughout their career.

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